Derrick Lewis on why he threw his cup after UFC St. Louis

On Saturday, during the main event at UFC St. Louis, Lewis delivered a knockout victory against Rodrigo Nascimento, marking his fifteenth knockout in the UFC—a record for the promotion. Following his victory, Lewis, known as "The Black Beast," engaged in his usual celebratory antics by removing his pants. However, this time, he took his celebration a step further by also discarding his fight-worn cup, tossing it directly into the media section.

During the post-fight press conference at UFC St. Louis, Lewis explained that his choice of where to throw the cup was deliberate. "You know, because y’all boys always talking shit," he commented. "Every now and then I’ve got to throw y’all under the bus like y’all do me. ‘Oh, Derrick don’t got it anymore! Blah blah blah!’ Mmhmm."

Interestingly, one journalist retrieved the cup, and even had it autographed by Lewis and UFC CEO Dana White. Lewis assured everyone that his fight gear was perfectly clean, humorously confirming with his wife in the audience, "Shit, it smells fresh. Baby, my balls don’t stink, right? Thank you. Don’t try to stunt."

Despite the unconventional celebration, the victory was significant for Lewis as it reaffirmed his position within the top 15 of the UFC's heavyweight rankings and showcased his prowess over a promising contender. Lewis described his strategy for the fight, noting, "I was really waiting for the fifth round then explode on him, but the opportunity was there. He didn’t let me catch my breath, that’s why I had to finish him. I was trying to catch my breath, then wait it out."

Looking ahead, Lewis, a two-time UFC heavyweight title challenger, remains open to various opportunities. With six fights remaining on his UFC contract, he is considering exploring crossover opportunities with WWE, especially now that both organizations are under the same corporate umbrella. "That’s what we’re supposed to be doing in a few weeks, maybe," Lewis said. "Going to Orlando and checking the facility out. I wouldn’t stop here in the UFC, but I would like to dibble dab in WWE."